Cuteki Birthday Ecards

Cuteki birthday ecards

Happy Birthday... happy birthday... Blah! Blah! Blah! Ever get bored with the same old greetings? With Cuteki, you can choose a fun design, write your own birthday message, and make your birthday ecard fun and original. It's sure to be a delightfully refreshing surprise! Cuteki ecards are completely customizable and so much fun that you’ll want to send one every time a birthday rolls around.
Starting now, no birthday should be without a Cuteki birthday card.

  • Ecard Birthday cake
    Ecard Free !
    Birthday cake
    Send your best wishes with this original birthday card. Place candles on the cake and upload your photo of the birthday boy or girl for a special surprise!
  • Ecard Cakery
    Ecard Free !
    Send this crazy card to celebrate the birthday of your most eccentric friend. It´s a deliciously understated way to say that being over the hill beats being under it!
  • Ecard Happy birthday
    Ecard Free !
    Happy birthday
    Congratulate your birthday boy or girl with this spectacular card! Let these busy bees do all the decorating for you. They're having such a blast, everyone will join the party!