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Free Animated Halloween ECards

  • Ecard Happy Halloween
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    Happy Halloween
    Trick or treat!?! Halloween is scary, spooky, and so much fun! Put on a costume and go door to door. Entertain your friends with this silly animation with a surprise ending!
  • Ecard The Monsterator
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    The Monsterator
    Customize this card with your photo or the photo of a friend, then click and drag to turn the portrait into a twisted, creepy monster. Send one to all your friends!
  • Ecard Cute Halloween
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    Cute Halloween
    Ghosts and goblins are coming out for Fright Night. Send this cute, customizable, and cheerfully spooky ecard to all your friends to wish them a Happy Halloween!
  • Ecard Halloween attack
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    Halloween attack
    Attention! Objective: the Earth. Mission: destroy them all! But if you can't beat 'em, just join the rockin’ Halloween party and the monstrous cast in this e-card. Have a blast!

Cute Kawaii Halloween Pics to share on Facebook

  • Cuteki vampires
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  • Cuteki Halloween Avatar Kawaii
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  • Cuteki Halloween
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  • Cuteki Sweet Heart
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  • Cuteki Halloween Calabaza
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  • Cuteki Halloween with love
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  • Cuteki Little Skull
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  • Cuteki Monster with Flowers
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  • Cuteki Kawaii Wizard
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  • Cuteki Kawaii Witch
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  • Cuteki Vamp Kawaii
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  • Cuteki Vampire Kawaii
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Halloween fun phrases

You do not know how to wish a Happy Halloween to all your friends? Do it in a friendly and fun way with these funny quotes for Halloween Cuteki has selected for you!

  • Happy Halloween to you! Hope it is a 'spook'tacular one! Enjoy the yummy treats!
  • Black cats skitter and ghouls patter by, it’s time to celebrate as All Hallow’s Eve has arrived!
  • Ghosts and goblins and jack-o-lanterns at night; I sure hope your Halloween is the best type of fright!
  • I hope you have a great Halloween and enjoy dressing up and getting lots of candy! Have a super fun night!
  • Witches and warlocks, spirits and specters; give us some treats or prepare for some hecklers!
  • When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whipsers, it's near Halloween.
  • May your jack-o-lantern burn bright all through the night! Happy Halloween…hope it’s the best one yet!
  • Don’t let any vampires suck the fun out of your night…have a frightfully festive Halloween!
  • Beware of the demons and witches and goblins…have a super fun trick or treat and a great Halloween!
  • Yaaaarrrgggh! Ye be a mighty fine pirate this Halloween… be sure to scour for plenty o’ plunder and take heed to the night!
  • Whether you dress like Garfield, Odie, or Pookie, I hope that your Halloween is spectacularly spooky!
  • Have a wonderful Halloween. I hope it's the best you've ever seen!!
  • Hayrides, candy, costumes, and more… This Halloween, have a blast making memories to last!
  • Have an awesome Halloween and enjoy all the tasty treats!
  • You know what they say…a caramel apple a day keeps the goblins away!
  • Happy Halloween! I hope you enjoy all the fun festivities and have a super scary costume ready. Save some candy for us!
  • Why did the witch walk across the street? Boo-cause her broom was in the shop! Happy Halloween! Hee hee hee hee hee!!
  • When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, May luck be yours on Halloween!
  • Deep into the darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before!
  • Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen, Voices whisper in the trees, Tonight is Halloween!