Cuteki Love Ecards

Cuteki love ecards

Are you in love? Does your heart feel like it's going to explode? If the weight of the world is heavy in your heart, get it off your chest right now!! Only at Cuteki will you find an original and fun way to tell your loved one how you feel. Well... what are you waiting for? Personalize your love ecard with a photo of your choice and a unique and personal message that you won't find on any other romantic ecard. This time, since you are the author, you can be sure that the sentiment is perfect for the occasion!

  • Ecard Lil whale of love
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    Lil whale of love
    Looking for a way to express your deepest feelings? Personalize this creative postcard and surprise your loved one with this funny little whale emerging from the sea.
  • Ecard Love is in the air
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    Love is in the air
    Does your little love bird make your heart soar? Love is in the air! Take to the skies in a hot air balloon and personalize this postcard to show how you feel.
  • Ecard The spell
    Ecard Free !
    The spell
    The magic of love is all around you. Use it, along with this card, to capture the heart of the one you find most enchanting. They won’t be able to resist your charm!
  • Ecard Brute
    Ecard Free !
    If you need to apologize or beg forgiveness for some bad behavior, this brutally honest virtual postcard will surely win you some favor and help to smooth things over.
  • Ecard My sweetheart
    Ecard Free !
    My sweetheart
    Make him a happy man with this personalized love card. Show him in the most original way that you want him above all others and that he’s uniquely special to you!
  • Ecard Love soup
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    Love soup
    Does your heart ache when he's away? Do you see him all around you? Show him how much you crave his love by personalizing this tasty ecard treat with his name.
  • Ecard Message in the sky
    Ecard Free !
    Message in the sky
    Take to the skies in this airplane and write the name of your Valentine or a special message from your heart to theirs. Send this e-card to proclaim your love!
  • Ecard Forgive me
    Ecard Free !
    Forgive me
    Is the one you love sad or hurt? Do you need to apologize? Start with this card and add some tender loving care to ease their pain and cure their heartache… and yours!
  • Ecard Cute love story
    Ecard Free !
    Cute love story
    Declare your love with this sweet animation. It is a simple tale of sharing fun times, dancing with glee, and stopping to smell the flowers with your one and only!
  • Ecard The heart hunter
    Ecard Free !
    The heart hunter
    Catch the heart of your beloved and show them how their love inspires you to rise higher than ever before. It´s so cool to have your head in the clouds!
  • Ecard The color of love
    Ecard Free !
    The color of love
    Want to let someone know how much they mean to you? This postcard will vividly show how much color and light they add to your world each and every day!